Wahid Awad

Wahid Awad-2Egypt
Soil & Crop Sciences

Wahid Awad is a graduate student from Egypt. In 2000, Wahid joined Cairo University to study for a bachelor’s in International Agriculture. After graduating with honors, Wahid worked for a year as an Agricultural Engineer in an Egyptian agricultural company, “Tecnogreen.” After that, he was hired as a Teaching Assistant at Cairo University, while studying for a master’s degree in plant breeding and genetics. In 2008, Wahid moved to the Netherlands to pursue a master’s degree in the field of plant biotechnology at Wageningen University. In the summer of 2010, Wahid completed a graduate internship at the University of Florida. Wahid played an important role in the Egyptian Revolution (25th of January 2011) as one of the key youth leaders. Wahid represented the Egyptian universities graduate student union as a co-founder and spokesperson. Moreover, Wahid co-founded the shadow cabinet in Egypt in 2011, where he serves as the minister of Planning and International Collaboration until now.

In August 2011, Wahid joined Colorado State University as a Ph.D. student in plant breeding and genetics and now is a Ph.D. candidate and teaching assistant in the Department of Soil and Crop Sciences. Wahid’s dissertation is about drought tolerance in wheat. At CSU Wahid was elected a Senator for the Graduate School, Vice President for the Graduate Student Council, Director of Graduate Student Affairs and nationally as the Chair for the International Student Concerns Committee, National Association of Graduate-Professional Students (NAGPS). Wahid was honored by several awards from CSU including the Follett award, the Tak achievement Award, and recently was named a fellow for SoGES (School of Global Environmental Sustainability). Wahid initiated a collaboration between CSU and Cairo University in Egypt this year. Finally, Wahid will defend his Ph.D. on March 2015 and will be looking for an opportunity where he can utilize the skills he learned at CSU.

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