Sidhartha Jain

Sidhartha Jain is a second-year graduate student pursuing his Ph.D. in bioengineering from the School of Biomedical Engineering at Colorado State University, under the guidance of Dr. Charles Henry and Dr. John Volckens. Sidhartha has a B.S. in biomedical engineering from Louisiana Tech University, and an M.S. in biomedical engineering from Drexel University. Prior to joining CSU, Sidhartha worked as a scientist at Janacare Solutions Private Ltd, Bangalore, India, developing a cell-phone based sensor platform for the monitoring and management of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. He also worked as a Senior Product Engineer at Diagnostics For All Inc, a Cambridge MA-based non-profit developing low-cost, rapid, paper-based diagnostics, especially designed for use in resource-limited settings.

Sidhartha is a published author of 5 manuscripts and 1 patent, and his research interests lie in Global Health, Microfluidics, and Point-of-Need Environmental and Bioanalytical Sensors. His current work is focused on developing low-cost sensors for the measurement of aerosol oxidative potential, and bioaerosols in personal air samples to better understand exposures to air pollution. He is also working on a rapid diagnostic for the detection of Cacao Swollen Shoot Virus (CSSV) in Cacao plants to help the rural farmers protect their crops.

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