Sahar Bagheri Toulabi

Sahar was born in Tehran, Iran. She graduated with a B.S. in plant pathology and a M.S. in biotechnology from Tehran University. Sahar’s desire to continue to learn and conduct deeper levels of scientific research brought her to Colorado State University in 2014. She worked as a laboratory technician in the CSU Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering Department and then joined the graduate program in horticulture in 2015 under the advisement of Dr. Adam Heuberger to understand connections between vegetable crops and human health. Her research project is to detect and evaluate beneficial chemicals in potato, which is a one of the most consumed crops in the US and the world. As a vegetable, potato has been shown to intercept facets of cardiovascular disease such as with hypertension, although the bioactive chemicals and mechanisms of such effects are largely unknown. Sahar believes that improving our understanding of how vegetables impact human health is a primary factor for preventative health care, and this has enormous implications for global public health and the economy. In addition, remediating issues of poor health and malnutrition can be reduced by providing populations with inexpensive and nutritious food, and the seeds to take ownership of personal and family health. The potato is a nutritious, inexpensive, high-yielding (and delicious) crop that is well-suited to address this global problem.

In addition to her research, Sahar has served as a graduate teaching assistant for Horticulture 100 (HORT 100). As a GTA, Sahar prepares and run laboratories, and has taught over 200 students from every college at CSU. Sahar is also a painter and a poet in her native language, Persian. She enjoys painting landscapes. She especially loves mountains and horses which remind her of the small city where she grew up, Khorramabad, a city which is famous for its beautiful mountains and waterfalls. Her oil paintings have been exhibited in galleries in Tehran and in Fort Collins.

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