Quy Van Khuc

Quy Van Khuc photoQuy Van Khuc is a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Forest and Rangeland Stewardship.  He is originally from Nam Sach, Hai Duong, Vietnam. Quy received his B.A. in Social Forestry in 2006 at Vietnam Forestry University (VFU), and his M.S. degree in Agricultural Economics in 2013 at Colorado State University (CSU).  He then received a scholarship from the Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF) to continue in a Ph.D. program in Forest Science at CSU.

As a graduate research assistant, Quy is working on research that integrates ecology, economics, and GIS into forest restoration in Vietnam and the U.S. He is also collaborating with many colleagues in Vietnam, Thailand, Belgium, Canada, and Italy to publish the research outcomes.

Quy is very interested in political, socio-economic, and educational issues. So far, he has written some articles that aim at sharing his point of view on education reform in Vietnam.  He is active in social activities held by the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) at CSU.  Quy is also co-founder of the TAD foundation which focuses on educational support for poor children in remote areas of Vietnam. His hobbies are reading, history, literature and composing poems.

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