Nouf Mahdi Ali

nouf-mahdi-a-alyamiIt is the thirst for knowledge that initially sent me from the comfort of my home to Riyadh and now to the United States. My education, a master’s, summa cum laude, in cell biology and genetics, has shown me how much more there is to learn, and that is why I applied for the Ph.D. program (cell and molecular biology) at Colorado State University with a particular interest in cancer biology. I became interested in the field of molecular genetics when pursuing my master’s degree at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia. My master’s thesis (Genetic and Molecular Characterization of Vitiligo in Saudi patients) was a unique piece of research that opened my eyes to pursuing questions whose answers were not known by any human being. Of course the preliminary answers revealed even more unanswered questions that require further study and research.

My dream is to use my diverse body of scientific knowledge to formulate provocative questions, construct solid experimental instruments and techniques, and compile critical data to make momentous contributions to the scientific world of research. I am proud of my academic achievements and I am fortunate to have the moral support of my family and colleagues. Also, I am blessed to have a scholarship from Saudi Arabia that promotes my higher education.

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