Mirna Dheyaa Ayshoa

Mirna Dheyaa Ayshoa photoMirna is a Fulbright Scholarship master’s degree student in cell and molecular biology in the Chemical and Biological Engineering department. She is from Iraq. Mirna represents the Assyrian ethnicity (a group of people who speak neo-Aramaic language). Her family is originally from the north of Iraq but she studied for her bachelor’s degree in Baghdad in biology (concentration in ecology). She did research on algae diversity in the Tigris River and will be doing research related to the improvement of bio fuel produced from algae in Dr. Kenneth F. Reardon’s lab at CSU.

Mirna had the chance to participate in the Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program in 2011 at CSU with a focus on environmental awareness. She went back home and shared what she learned from this program by volunteering in a women’s college giving workshops and lectures about leadership and cultural values between Iraq and America for groups of women that were planning to study abroad. She also worked in the College of Science for Women where she had administrative duties arranging conferences, translating, communicating between the U.S. Cultural Affairs in the U.S Embassy in Baghdad and the College of Science for Women to coordinate activities such as the English Club. Mirna also gave dining etiquette classes and in the college, where she issued her first booklet in dining etiquette.

In her free time Mirna likes learning new languages, taking online courses in social psychology, learning about and analyzing population and individual human behaviors, singing, acting, fashion designing, and culinary arts in general.

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