Min Kim

Min-Kyung (“Min”) Kim is from Seoul, South Korea. Born in Freiburg, Germany, she lived there until her kindergarten years and went to Korea to receive her primary education in her home country. When she was a junior in high school, her father visited CSU for 1 year as a visiting professor at the Department of Philosophy and that’s how first she came to Fort Collins.

Min is a CSU graduate with a B.A in Communication Studies (08′) and is currently in her second year of an M.A. program in the same department. Her area of interest is in organizational communication and intercultural communication, primarily focusing on the organizational members’ emotional experiences and the role of communication in their organizations. This year she is working on her thesis research about South Korean social workers and how they communicate their emotions and how this influences their communication and organizational experiences. Through this research she hopes to encourage more open dialogue about emotions in organizations to ensure employees’ emotional well-being as well as acknowledging the importance of communication.

Min is also an instructor for Public Speaking for undergraduates at CSU. Teaching and public speaking are her life passions and she loves interacting with students on campus as well as immersing herself in various research that many seminal scholars have conducted.

Prior to her return to CSU, Min worked in various non-profit and private organizations as a PR account executive, working with a number of major global corporations such as LG, SKF, Philips, and Chadwick International. She also taught English to Korean students and served as a simultaneous/consecutive translator in a number of global conferences, events and media interviews.

A wide array of organizational experiences enriched her academic endeavors at CSU and the hands on insights became invaluable assets to her research.  With the education she received at CSU, Min hopes to enlarge my professional spectrum as the “cultural broker” in various global organizations. She also wishes that the communicative insights and skills she obtained at CSU can be leveraged further to generate stronger awareness that communication is an essential part of our lives.

Whenever she has free time, Min enjoys playing the violin, swimming, learning foreign languages, and reading for leisure. She is also a huge advocate for animal rights and loves spending time with her golden retriever Sammy whenever she is visiting Korea.

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