Marcos Palu

marcosMarcos Cristiano Palu is a graduate student studying hydraulics in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Colorado State University. He has seven years of civil and environmental engineering experience and has been working on a doctoral program with Dr. Pierre Julien since 2015. In past years he worked as a designer engineer in Brazil, specifically on projects for hydropower dams, hydraulic structures and hydrology studies. During his career he also worked on hydropower plant projects in other countries such as Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Peru, Nepal and Venezuela and Brazil. One of these projects included the recently finished Cambambe Dam project in Angola, which doubled the energy supply in that country. In addition, he worked on a flood mitigation project in the southern part of Brazil, where heavy storms caused extensive damage and casualties. Currently, he is a researcher with the Brazilian agency CNPq (National Council for Scientific and Technological Development) and is working on the impact of the tailings dam failure in Brazil.

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