Maibam Singh

MaibamSingh_squareMaibam Singh is a student from India pursuing his Ph.D. in neuroscience under Dr. Gregory Amberg in the Department of Biomedical Sciences at Colorado State University.  He has been a part of CSU since Fall 2013.  Singh has an undergraduate degree in pharmacy from Rajiv Gandhi University in Bangalore, India. He also earned his master’s in biomedical sciences from Idaho State University, where he did research on drug-protein interaction in induced drug transport and its role in cancer treatment. Currently, he is doing research to decipher novel molecular pathways that can make neurons in the brain undergo early degeneration and develop neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc.

Doing research has been an introspective journey for Singh, as he came to realize during the process how important it is to carefully observe things and ask the right questions, not just in science but in almost every aspect of life.  Being able to be a part of the International Presidential Fellows Program and explore ongoing research at the University with Dr. Frank and fellow like-minded students and scientists is an opportunity he is very glad to have.  He believes it’s a great venue for networking and potential research collaborations.

International Presidential Fellows