Mahmod Shamsi

Mahmod Shamsi graduated from Turkey’s Bilkent University and City University of Hong Kong with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations. While in Bilkent, Shamsi was involved in a variety of professional and voluntary activities. He has been a part of Bilkent Model UN, coordinator in Erasmus Student’s Network, regional manager of the Hummingfish Foundation, and campaign manager for the current Prime Minister of Afghanistan in northern state of Faryab. In addition, he is the co-founder of Taj University and Taj-Turk Medical Center in Afghanistan. He has also been lecturing in religious and classical philosophy in private and public universities. His enthusiastic entrepreneurship skills are results of cultural expectations of living in a political and tribal family environment. He has lived in many countries such as Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Germany, India, and UAE. He speaks fluent Persian, Turkish, Hindi and Urdu, Turkmeni and Uzbeki, and Pashto. His experience working in such variety of fields and living in various countries has allowed him to focus on expanding his university education by pursuing a master’s degree in GSSE at Colorado State University, through the Fulbright scholarship. He loves and plays professional Buzkashi (horse riding), which is the national sport of Afghanistan.

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