Luciana Figliolo

Luciana Figliolo, a Fulbright scholar from Uruguay, graduated from Universidad de la Republica with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. The generation of energy from renewable resources and sustainability development are topics that have always captivated her. Luciana has performed activities related to energy and waste management, and improvement of processes. She aims to continue helping her country to optimize the energy use of industrial processes and develop a more equitable, efficient, and cleaner energy for the future. She has also worked as a part time professor, where she found motivation in encouraging her students to discuss solutions to today’s environmental challenges. Luciana is doing her master’s degree in business, through the Global Social & Sustainable Enterprise (GSSE) MBA program. She feels really excited to gain further knowledge to deal with the most relevant management analysis and strategies, as well as to lead sustainable actions in the areas of energy and engineering in order to protect the resources and the economy of her country.

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