Lizeth Para Perez

Lizeth Parra-Perez is a student from Mexico pursuing her Ph.D. in Education and Human Resources under Dr. Gene Gloeckner and Dr. Louise Jennings in the School of Education at Colorado State University. She has been a part of CSU since fall 2014, and received two undergraduate degrees prior – the first in Secondary Education from the Normal Superior de Hermosillo, in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico; and the second in Public Accounting from the Technologic Institute of Sonora, in Mexico. She also earned her master’s in Administration from Technologic Institute of Sonora. Later on, she made a Specialization in Education Innovation from the National Pedagogic University (UPN) in Mexico. As an educator and researcher, Parra-Perez is committed to understanding how universities across different countries enable students to succeed in a changing world. Therefore, she is broadly interested in the field of Critical Thinking Skills (CTS), with emphasis on college students. Currently, she is committed to understanding the effects of college students’ conflict style and academic rigor in the development of CTS.

Doing research has been a fascinating opportunity to discover a multicolor world for Parra-Perez. During her doctoral journey, she has explored the way different cultures educate people and the aftermaths of those actions in human beings. Moreover, she acknowledges that having the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds brings a special awareness and perspective to her as a researcher. For her, being able to be a part of the International Presidential Fellows Program and explore ongoing research at CSU with Dr. Frank and fellow students and scientists, is a unique opportunity that she is honored to have.

International Presidential Fellows