Jaruwan Mettakoonpitak

Jaruwan is a Ph.D. candidate in the Chemistry Program at CSU under the supervisor of Prof. Charles Henry. Currently, she is conducting research on the development of microfluidic paper-based analytical devices to analyze the composition of particulate matter such as reactive oxygen species and heavy metals. This fabrication takes the advantages of portability and low cost.

Jaruwan graduated with a B.Sc. (Chemistry) and an M.Sc. (Applied Analytical and Inorganic Chemistry Program) from Mahidol University, Thailand. She had the opportunity to do research in cooperation with the National Nanotechnology Center, Thailand. She also received a scholarship from the Development and Promotion of Science and Technology Talent Project to study abroad. This grant lets her increase her experience, open her mind, and broaden her perspective for her science life and is the driving force to encourage her to utilize science to help develop our country. Jaruwan believes that in this era of globalization, science work is global work, and that together we can facilitate development and achieve goals.

She was a volunteer to raise money for the charity for the flooding crisis in Thailand in 2011. Jaruwan enjoys playing Thai music in annual festivals in her hometown and spends her free time taking photos.

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