Hyeyoon Park

Hyeyoon Park is a Ph.D. student in the political science department focusing on public policy and administration, international relations, and environmental politics and policies. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, she gained her B.A. in political science from Yonsei University, and her M.A. in political science from the Free University of Berlin, Germany. Before she came to CSU, she worked at Korea Environment Institute (KEI) as a policy researcher and participated in several research projects on the international environmental cooperation of South Korean government such as Inter-Korea cooperation river basin restoration and management and Korea-ASEAN environmental cooperation. Her passion on international cooperation for global justice issues, particularly environment and human rights led her to study international politics and to pursue the goal of becoming an International Relations scholar. Particularly, North Korean human rights issues made her start focusing on global governance as an alternative solution to mitigate state failure and to promote cooperative actions of international society. Also, her grandparents originally came from North Korea during the Korean War, so she started considering international political issues such as North Korean human rights seriously since she was a young student. For this reason, she has frequently volunteered in mentoring and teaching programs to support North Korean defectors, particularly young students in South Korea.

Currently, she focuses on studying international power competition caused by the rise of China and its impact on global transparency norm development, specifically regarding global extractive governance. This research topic looks at how global powers shape norms at global governance initiatives and implement via specific policies at a local level. From this research, she aims to observe the impact of global transparency norm made by powerful international actors on nature and local people that are marginalized from main political discourse, particularly in the global South such as Sub-Saharan Africa, South East Asia and Latin America.

Besides her research, Hyeyoon works as a graduate teaching assistant for introductory level classes in political science and tries to help students improve their ability of critical thinking and academic writing. She also enjoys supporting other international students at CSU as one of the leading members of Bridges International, a registered student organization for developing the multicultural leadership of students on campus. In her free time, she loves drawing, playing piano and violin, traveling, and learning new languages. She speaks three languages (Korean, English, and German) and recently started learning Chinese. Experiencing a new culture and meeting people from different backgrounds all around the world are always inspirational sources for her to pursue meaningful research that can contribute to a global society.

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