Chenda Deng

chenda-dengChenda was born and grew up in a small city in Hunan, China. When he was 18, he went to China Agricultural University in Beijing. His dream was to go abroad study at that time. Luckily, three years later, he was transferred to CSU.  He finished his undergraduate and master’s degree in Civil Engineering at CSU.  Right now, he is working towards his Ph.D. degree with his advisor Dr.Ryan Bailey. His research mainly focuses on groundwater modeling.  Chenda uses modeling to quantify groundwater in ocean islands. His master thesis addresses the impacts of sea level rise, pumping, and rainfall patterns on the groundwater in the Maldives. He likes his research and looks forward to being more creative with his Ph.D.

Chenda is a fan of basketball and snowboarding. He enjoys traveling and making friends and believes learning new things is always a fun adventure.  He loves the people and culture in Fort Collins.  It has become his second hometown.

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